Africa’s Original Collectable Mini Skulls

Skullies are exact reproductions of animal skulls in amazing detail – and miniature. Skullies are 3D printed with biodegradable resin and are non-toxic.

1st Edition Skullies

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Skullies are for the curious.

For the collector, for the kid that never grew up, for the wildlife warrior and the adventurer-at-heart,
Skullies enables us to keep our childlike wonder alive and find the joy in the small things.

While we have a deep understanding of nature, the latest technology and exceptional artistry – we appreciate that the little things are what make life wonderful.

2nd Edition Skullies

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Skullies Merchandise

At Skullies we like to say “Embrace the Skull”.
So we’ve put that into action and created a range of skull-inspired Skullies Merchandise. From T-shirts to caps and coffee, we have created a range that allows you to take a bit of adventure with you wherever you go.

Skullies Display Accessories

Find the right accessory to display your Skullie.