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Skullies - Resin - Miniature Replica Sable Skull

Skullies - Resin - Miniature Replica Sable Skull

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Skullies - Resin -  3D Printed Miniature Replica Sable Skull

 Scientific Name: Hipotragus Niger

Life Expectancy: 19 years in the wild and 22 years in captivity
Habitat: Since the Sable depends on water, they prefer open and sparse woodland areas near grasslands. Herds of 10 to 30 cows and calves are led by a single bull.
Fun Fact: The native African people first called this species Palahal in Swahili. Today the species is better known by its English-derived name, Sable meaning “somber or dark,” referring to the beautiful dark coat of the antelope.

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