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Skullies - Resin - Miniature Replica Gemsbuck Skull

Skullies - Resin - Miniature Replica Gemsbuck Skull

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Skullies - Resin - 3D Printed Miniature Replica Gemsbuck Skull

Scientific Name: Oryx gazella
Life Expectancy: about 20 years
Habitat: Gemsbuck occurs in the arid regions of Southern Africa, such as the Kalahari Desert. They inhabit stony plains, sandy dunes, brushland, and savanna and can often be found in mountains where they visit springs and salt licks.
Fun Fact: Gemsbuck requires 3 liters of water per 100 kgs of body weight per day. However, they can survive without water for long periods of time getting all their needed moisture from various types of grass and plants.

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