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Skullies - Resin - Miniature Replica Eland Skull

Skullies - Resin - Miniature Replica Eland Skull

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Skullies - Resin -  3D Printed  Replica Cape Eland Skull

Scientific Name: Taurotragus oryx
Life Expectancy: 15 to 20 years in the wild and up to 25years in captivity.
Habitat: The Eland prefers to live in semi-arid areas that contain many shrub-like bushes, and often inhabit grasslands, woodlands, sub-desert, bush, and mountains. However, Eland do avoid forests, swamps, and deserts.
Fun Fact: When walking, tendons or joints in the Elands’ foreleg produce a sharp clicking sound, the sound carries some distance and is a good indication of an approaching herd or a territorial bull.

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